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Fraser Gartshore is a Scottish/German organist, conductor and YouTuber. But you already knew that.

What an amazing organ! More like what an amazing acoustic! St Bonifatius in Wiesbaden is possibly the finest church acoustic I have ever heard (and yes, I have played in Liverpool Cathedral and St Peter’s in Rome!). The organ, on paper nothing exceptionally special, is however perfect in its space. The stops are voiced perfectly for the acoustic and the whole building is filled with the sound of this hybrid instrument. Carefuly selection and blending of the stops allows for some beautiful effects, but it’s not an organ you can just play any old way – you always have to take the acoustic into consideration. Thanks to the direct mechanical action of the organ however, it doesn’t take too long to acclimatise!

Did i just say hybrid instrument? It’s a mix of pipes and electronically created sounds in the pedal. This saves a lot of money (32′ pipes are, as you can imagine, exceptionally expensive) and space inside the organ. The effect is barely noticeable in the church. Thanks to cinematic speakers, the bass notes rumble through the acoustic – 32′ sounds reach down to under 20Hz and are more “felt” than heard!

This continues to be one of our most popular videos. See for yourselves!

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  1. Tyler

    I absolutely love the music you played at the end. Is that a song you have available for purchase/download? I keep watching that part of the YouTube video over and over again. Thank you!


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