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Posted by: Fraser

Fraser Gartshore is a Scottish/German organist, conductor and YouTuber. But you already knew that.

This is a special one. In a sleepy little town on the Rhein river called Sinzig, between Bonn and Koblenz, is one of the weirdest organs the world has ever seen.

Originally a creation of eccentric organist, composer and all round crazy guy (his own words!) Peter Bares, this organ has some of the most bizarre features. At first glance, it’s a normal church organ – there are diapasons, flutes, strings, reeds and mixtures. And then there are the “extras”. Drums, bells, xylophone… There’s more – mutations and mixtures based on the harmonic series. Then there’s the combination system. Then there’s the transposing effects. The list goes on. The organ is originally from Walcker and was restored to its original glory – crazy stuff and all – by international organ builder Klais from Bonn.

See for yourselves here – we had a LOT of fun recording this video!


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