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Fraser Gartshore is a Scottish/German organist, conductor and YouTuber. But you already knew that.
Piping Hot at the Organ

My my… In my 30 years of working with recording studios, producers, labels and production companies I have never experienced anything quite as crazy as this CD production.

Actually, that’s not fair. The recording process was simple enough and trouble-free. As I wanted the recording to sound as natural as possible, there wasn’t much to do in post-production and thanks to preparation on my part, there were hardly any cuts to be made to the tracks – one or two had to made thanks to external noise from outside the churches. On one recording day, someone started felling trees with their trusty chainsaw.

Thanks to Hofa Media in the south-west of Germany, the CD is now available. They were super-quick and professional producing the CDs (pressing/printing etc.) and very friendly in the process. I will definitely be using them again and can highly recommend them to anyone seeking to produce their own CDs. They also take care of online distribution (Amazon/iTunes etc.). The original company contracted to produce the CDs was less than professional in all aspects. They shall remain nameless…

So here it is – Piping Hot at the Organ – a mix of jazz, blues and boogie at the organ with a few YouTube inspired improvisations in between. The recording was made “at home” in Herschbach and on my favourite organ here in the region in Gackenbach.

It’s available for purchase here in my webshop and online via the usual suspects.

Get your copy now before they sell out!

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  1. Kai Halama

    Ich finde es schade, dass man die CD schon käuflich erwerben kann, aber die eigentlichen Unterstützer des Projektes noch nichts bekommen haben, denn meine CD ist noch nicht angekommen.


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