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Fraser Gartshore is a Scottish/German organist, conductor and YouTuber. But you already knew that.
Pipes and Posts

Back in summer 2019, I was asked why there was no Facebook-like forum for the organ world out there. Good question. The organ world is a complicated one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there’s any other musical instrument out there that attracts quite the same following as the organ.

Is it the connection to the church? Is it the mechanical/technical side of the instrument? Is it the size and sound of the instrument? The organ is quite simply unique. It is unlike any other musical instrument. It can create sounds that cover the entire human hearing spectrum – bass notes under 20Hz and high frequencies reaching well over 14,000Hz. It can play the softest and loudest of sounds – from around 30dB to over 110dB in strength.

Why do you think the organ is so unique?

I searches around the web and found nothing that covered it all. There are numerous (very good) sites out there that cover various aspects of the organ world, but apart form various groups and sites on Facebook and other social media sites, there was nothing specifically for the organ and organists.

So why not program our own organ social media site? There are enough organists out there who might be interested. There are certainly enough organ-freaks (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!) around the world that love sharing their thoughts about the instrument and its repertoire/technique/sound/size/etc…

Thanks to the powers of the internet and my nerdy computer skills, we now have Pipes and Posts – my attempt at linking the organ world. Over the past few months, invited members have been testing the site for bugs and errors, and so far, everything seems to be good! Time to open it to the public!

Anyone can register, the site is free. There are the usual disclaimers and terms & conditions that web users need to pay attention to these days, but there will be no gathering of personal data for ill-gotten gains or third-party transfer. This site is intended for personal use by its members only.

Members can post content, video links, images, chat to one another, form and join groups etc. Other features may be added in the future. Administrators will work hard to ensure that ill-natured content is filtered out and removed and that users abusing the site or other members will be removed and reported as necessary. It’s sad to have to say these things, but in this day and age, there are always going to be some people out there who want to spoil it for everyone else.

So here it is – Pipes and Posts – my attempt at making the organ world more transparent and spreading the word that organs and organists are nothing to be afraid of!


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