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Fraser Gartshore is a Scottish/German organist, conductor and YouTuber. But you already knew that.

Back in 2015, I leased a daily driver. it had to be reliable, economical, large enough to carry musical instruments and passengers and, if possible, not boring. It also had to be affordable. Obviously, I would have loved to have leased a Porsche Panamera or an AMG E-Class, but my bank balance would not allow that kind of indulgence. I am after all a freelance musician…

The search ended at a local Skoda dealership. For those in parts of the world without Skoda, it’s part of the VW/Audi group. Originally, Skoda was a Czech car manufacturer – it still is – but it has belonged to VAG for a good few years and now produces some fantastic cars at reasonable prices. Skoda’s premium saloon car is the Superb (it also comes in estate (wagon) form) – a name it deserves: tons of space, quiet, fast, comfortable and practical. I had the car for three years and covered 75,000km in it, without a single problem.

At the end of the lease it was time for something new, so I went back to Skoda to see what they had on offer. This time, I fancied something a bit bigger, so my new car of choice was Skoda’s large SUV, the Kodiaq. It’s based on the same platform as an Audi Q3, but thanks to clever packaging is much larger on the inside. I have the 2.0TDI with 150 PS and DSG automatic gearbox. Extras include park assist, LED lights, radar cruise control, lane assist, navigation, LED display, Apple Car Play and a whole list of further goodies. Exceptional value for money too – I pay less than I did for the Superb for a bigger, newer, better car. I expect it to be just as reliable – it’s VAG parts and components, so there shouldn’t be any issues in my 3 years of ownership. Fingers crossed!

It’s not exactly sporty though. It’s not a heavy SUV, but it is rather high off the ground. Practical, but not sporty. It’s economical though – thanks to its leisurely driving style, it returns an average of 5.9 litres per 100 km (40mpg US or 48mpg UK).

I guess I’ll have to keep saving up for that Panamera!


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