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Books for Sale

Every so often, it’s time to tidy out the attic and I recently came across these treasures from my old collection of books. It’s time to part with a few and maybe they will find a new home where they can be enjoyed all over again. Please get in touch via the contact form if you have any questions or would like to make an offer.

Fairy Tales

Let’s start with the real rarities. These two books, passed down through the family, are from the late 19th century. Both volumes are complete and unrestored. They both show signs of age, but there are no rips or tears in the pages. These are the rare volumes complete with illustrations translated into English by Dr H. W. Dulcken and illustrated by A. W. Bayes. The books were dedicated to their new owner Scott by his “… Auntie Belle when in Yarrow 1896”.

A rare chance to get your hands on an original, unrestored copy of these children’s favourites. They have been reprinted continually over the years and are still available today.


Grimms Fairy Tales

Grimm's Fairy Tales

A very rare book! A very good, unrestored example of the Illustrated Grimm Fairy Tales from the late 19th century.

Price offers around €280 or more. Further images available on request.

Andersen's Fairy Tales

Andersen's Fairy Tales

A very rare book! A very good, unrestored example of the Illustrated Andersen’s Fairy Tales from the late 19th century.

Price offers around €280 or more. Further images available on request.

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. S. Sadie (vols 1 – 20)


The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, ed. Barry Kernfeld


Grove Dictionary

The New Grove

As any student of music knows, there is no more definitive guide than the “Grove”. I purchased my paperback copy of the “New Grove” in the mid 90s for my studies. All 20 volumes are present and are like new. (I guess I wasn’t the most conscientious student after all!)


The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz

To add to the Grove collection, here’s my old copy of the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (hardback).


Duke Ellington

I’ve always been a big fan of “The Duke” and have collected a number of books over the years. I originally wanted to write my Master’s Thesis on Ellington, but changed my mind at the last minute, thinking something “classical” would go down better with the powers that be! 

Ellington - Jazz Composer

An in depth look into the Duke’s composing style with examples and transcriptions.


Ellington - The Early Years

This book covers, as its title suggests, the early days of the Ellington era, from the beginnings of his big band and Jungle Style music from the legendary Cotton Club in Harlem.


The Duke Ellington Reader

Another book by Mark Tucker on the Duke, a collection of writing, essays, interviews, reviews and even the Duke’s own memoirs, giving the reader an amazing insight into this amazing musician.


A Portrait of Duke Ellington

A collection of anecdotes and reminiscences from the Duke’s family members and fellow musicians.


The Art of Organ Building – Audsley Vols 1 & 2

The Art of Organ Building, George Ashdown Audsley

The “modern” reprint of the legendary double-volume tome from George Ashdown Audsley covering the entire history of organ building. Here, volume 2 is newer than volume 1 – I lost my original copy at some point and had to replace it. 

€50 for both

Orgel- / Kirchenmusik- / Musikbücher

Auch deutsche Bücher gehören zu meiner Kollektion. Als ich neu in Deutschland war, musste ich alles “neu” lernen – alles auf Deutsch! 

Die Orgel - Jean Guillou

Guillou’s “Liebesbrief” an die Orgel! Eine persönliche Geschichte der Orgel von dem Maître Guillou.


Graduale Triplex

Ein Muss für alle Stundenten der Gregorianik.

Orgel - Reichling

Das Buch für Studenten der Orgelkunde.



Musik im Gottesdienst 1 & 2

Herausgegeben von Hans Musch. Für alle Studenten der Kirchenmusik.

€45 für beide.

Handbuch der Chorleitung

Alles, was man als Student der Chorleitung braucht!.



D. de la Motte’s Meisterwerk der Harmonielehre.



D. de la Mottes’s Lese- und Arbeitsbuch zum Thema Kontrapunkt


Allgemeine Musiklehre


Chorleitung Pop Jazz Gospel

Für alle Stundenten und Leiter von modernen Chören


That's Jazz

(Gebundene Ausgabe)

Der Sound des 20. Jahrhundert – eine Musik-, Personen-, Kultur-, Sozial- und Mediengeschichte des Jazz von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart.