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I began playing the piano at a very early age and took up the organ a few years later. At home we had one of those Yamaha electronic organs that were all the rage back then. That’s how I started! I discovered the Theatre Organ on the radio and began trying to play in that style. I played my first “real” organ in the Capitol Cinema in Aberdeen. I decided it might be a good idea to learn the instrument properly and signed up for organ lessons at the local Cathedral organ in Inverness, where I also sang in the choir. That led to me studying music at the University of Edinburgh (amongst other things!) in the 1990s before moving to Germany in 2000, where I’ve been ever since.

I now perform organ concerts all over the place and have a church organist position in the Westerwald region of Germany which also involves running 3 church choirs, including a Gospel Choir, with over 120 singers in total.

personal life

I was born in Inverness, Scotland back in 1973. Apparently I showed some musical promise at an early age and my parents tied me to a piano to try to learn to play it. Who knows what might have happened to me if they hadn’t done that – I could have ended up in a real job or something equally as horrendous.

Despite earning a degree in music I still had time in my life for other activities such as languages, wine, good food, cars and travel.

As I get older, I find I have less time for all of those things, which is a good thing.

Nowadays I am a happily married man living in a nice house in a quiet village in the middle of Germany. My darling wife keeps me busy and we try to keep fit walking our 40kg Labrador. 

These days my hobbies are repairing classic cars, fantasising about wine (I’ve stopped drinking!) and trying to keep my weight in check. 


A few years ago I fancied the idea of making YouTube films featuring the world of the organ. Everybody laughed at me and said “who’d want to see a middle-aged guy yapping on about organs?” I guess they were wrong!

Thanks to my darling wife and her amazing camera skills, we now have a channel with a crazy number of subscribers who can’t wait to watch our weekly installments. We visit new organs, we show how organs work, play organ music (even jazz, blues and boogie!) and I show viewers that the organ world is not as inaccessible as they thought it was.

In addition, we also have a “hobby” channel where I dismantle, repair and service my fleet of automobile disasters, including breaking things, cutting myself, swearing a lot and showing the world just how bad I am at working on cars.

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